Noyes Bros. was founded in 1888 and since that time has built a long history of engineering innovation.

Starting of as an importer of engineering products, only two years was to pass before the fledgling company found itself in high demand as consultants and contractors to the newly emerging transportation, mineral resources and materials handling industries throughout Australasia.

Noyes has a long history of involvement in the cement industry going back to the beginning of the 20th century. Kandos Cement ordered the company’s first cement plant from Noyes in 1914 and prior to that Noyes had supplied components to the, then, fledgling cement industry in Australia.

The policy of well-engineered plant and equipment is as important to Noyes Bros. today as it was when the Noyes brothers started the company in 1888. Most cement plants built in Australia have some Noyes equipment and several have complete units which Noyes has supplied.

The range of equipment and the types of industries grew to include mining, aluminum, coal, gypsum, iron ore, the equipment ranged from crushers, screens, feeders ship loaders and underloaded, stacker and re claimer’s to mention just some of the equipment supplied. We regularly refurbish crushers that were installed in the mid 1960′s, upgrading the plant gives the 40+ year old equipment an extended life, amazing when this equipment has a normal design life of about 15 years.

Provision of OEM spares, maintenance and refurbishment and replacement of Noyes Bros. Material Handling Equipment. Noyes Bros. has 120 years of history and we continue the tradition in providing clients with ongoing support.

  • Clough Engineering bought Noyes Engineering in around 1991 and traded and Noyes-Clough,
  • Clough International operates until the operations were acquired by Project Solutions Australia Pty Limited in 2004.
  • The company is now operating as Noyes Bros. Pty Limited, part of the Project Solutions Australia Pty Limited Group.